Jos Hansen Energy Division - Power for Africa

Electricity is required for almost all aspects of our daily life. It is essential for modern communication, industrial development and the build-up of public services such as improved education, health care and street lights. The main focus of Jos. Hansen group is to secure the urgently needed electricity and Water provision and to support substantial long-term benefits for social and economic development.


Jos. Hansen group provides turn-key-solutions since more than 90 years in our various African markets together with our own established subsidiaries.

Turn-key means for us total dedication to customers requirements and scope of work from the commencement of a project idea up to final completion.

 With our international partners we develop state of the art solutions for power generation, distribution and transmission meeting international quality standards in all aspects.

 Our clients include distribution and transmission utilities, rural electrification agencies, ministries as well as industrial companies.

               Our range of EPC services include:

                 - Project development
                 - Financial Engineering
                 - Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Supply,

                   Installation, Supervision, Testing and

                 - After-Sales-Services



Project Development:

The process of developing an energy or industry project from the idea to implementation is very complex and long. The Jos. Hansen group is aware of all steps required to achieve the realization of your project.

Our team is experienced in project development and implementation and will guide you through every stage of your project flow.


Project Finance:                           

A substantial amount of capital is needed to fund the development, construction and on-going operations for an energy or industry project. This applies especially to the emerging markets where cost can be substantially higher than in more mature markets due to:

 - The early stage development of the sector
 - Higher costs of doing business caused by cost for logistics, security,

   skill sourcing, and the time required for the approval of governmental

 - Higher funding costs as capital providers want higher returns for

   higher risks

There are different opportunities to raise the required capital. Jos. Hansen knows how to attract and secure equity and debt capital partners for a potential project.


Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Supply, Installation, Supervision, Testing and Commissioning:

Besides our Electro-Mechanincal Engineering skills, Jos. Hansen group and partners are experts in coordinating and consolidating the equipment supply and planning and negotiating logistic solutions.

We provide staff for supervision of installation process and arrange testing and commissioning appointments for our customers. Taking all these aspects into consideration summarizes a solid/good project management for us.