Balance of Plant


Jos. Adrian GMBH offers a wide range of "BOP"-equipment to support new power plant solutions and rehabilitation. Our product range inculds but is not limited to:



- Power Transformers
- Engine Control Solutions
- Power Plant Central Control Systems
- LV / MV / HV Panel Systems
- Remote Plant Monitoring
- Electrical Alternators (Range: from 5kVA to 20,000kVA)
- Load Banks for Power Plant Testing Purposes
    ♦ Standard frame sizes & containers, from 10kW to 6,000kW
- Energy Management and Metering Systems
20-BOP-generation-virtual-gas-pipeline.jpg   20-generation-BOP-tank-storage-krampitz-2.jpg


- Table Cooler System Solutions
- Pumps for LT and HT Water Cooling Circuits
- Air Filter Technology Consumables for Engines and Turbines
- Gas Reduction Stations for Power Plant Applications
    ♦ Gas Conditioning: Filtration & Separation (Cyclone, Coalescing),

      H²S & Black Powder Removal)
- Diesel Tank Storage Technology (50 to 96,000 litres available)
- Liquid Fuel Supply System Technology for Engine and Turbine Plants
- Compressed air Systems
- "Virtual Gas Pipe Line" with Gas bullets and Trailer Solutions, consisting of:
    ♦ Complete Gas Compression System
    ♦ Transportation Units (250 Bars per Transportation Unit)
    ♦ Decompression System

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