Power Generation

We as Jos. Adrian GMBH care about the fact that oil, gas and coal are finite and that these essential sources will be depleted some day. Accordingly our aspiration is to provide high-efficient solutions for power generation to use minimum needed input to gain maximum possible output.

Whilst the implementation of thermal power plants continues and therefore still remain part of our scope profile, the Jos. Hansen group is also working with leading players in the increasing renewable energy sector, providing the latest technologies suitable for a variety of conditions tailor made for our clients.


 Our range of Power Generation Solutions include:

  • Natural Gas based
  • Liquid Fuel based
  • Renewable Energy based
  • Balance of Plant Equipment

 Our range of natural gas, and liquid fuel based plants are targeted for base load and stand-by operation. We provide suitable solutions for stationary application on parallel basis with public grid as well as “island mode” operation. Our plant designs include engine technologies from leading suppliers such as MAN, Wärtsilä, Caterpillar etc..