Renewable Energy


Our product range of Renewable Energy Plant Solutions includes:

 ♦ Solar (Power Systems for Telecommunication Applications, Pumping Systems, Village Power Supply, Grid Connected Power Plants)

 ♦ Wind Turbines (On Shore)
 ♦ Hydro (Small Hydro Power Plants & Rehabilitation of Hydro Power Plants)

 ♦ Biomass Power Plants


Solar System for Telecommunication application

- Provides required electricity for telecommunication antennas often

  far away from public grid
- Solar panels for this special purpose are the more sustainable

  opportunity than diesel generators, due to easier operation

  and maintenance and continuous improvement of solar bank



Solar Pumping Systems

- Providing water reliably and independently from the access to public

  power grid


Solar Village Power Supply

- Micro grid within a defined area with no connection to the public grid.
- Three phase AC power supply with 230V for the different private

  houses, schools, clinics or businesses in a village.
- Range: 100 kWp - 1,000 kWp


Solar Grid Connected Power Plants

- Range: 100 kWp - 5 MWp

Wind Turbines (On Shore)

- The size of the turbines vary on the needs of the customers

  situation and geographic conditions.
- Range of turbines:
   ♦ From single wind turbine to large scale wind farms from

     200 kW to 120 MW
   ♦ Rotor diameters from 70m - 132m
   ♦ Supply of rehabilitated wind turbines


Small Hydro Power Plants and Hydro Plant Rehabilitation

- Range: 50 kW - 20 MW
- Small-hydro generators with high efficiency
- Low maintenance and exceptional service
- The application area includes horizontal and vertical pole machines
- Additional Service: Rehabilition of hydro power plants, independent

  of the size of the system

 18-generation-hydro-power-voith-1.jpg 18-hydro-power-graben-turbine-web.jpg 

Biomass Power Plants

- A solution for generating power which operates unaffected by the

  geographic conditions
- It operates with easily available raw and waste materials (e.g.

  sawdust and other wastes from the forestry sector, shredded paper

  or cardboard)