Electrical Transmission & Distribution

Many areas on the African continent still have no access to electricity thus requiring the expansion of the African power grid. Jos. Hansen supports this growth with our know-how and tailor-made engineering solutions.

Our current product range for electrical transmission and distribution solutions includes in detail:

- EPC Power Line Solutions
- LV/MV/HV EPC Substation Solutions
- Transformer and Reactor Solutions
- LV/MV/HV Panel Solutions
- Power Line Consumables
- Cables and Conductors
- Control, Protection, Automation and SCADA Design and Integration


EPC Power Line

- Overhead Transmission lines for single, double, and multiple cicuit configurations
in Voltages up to 750 kV
- Construct transmission lines towers up to 400kV
- All kinds of lattice or turbular steel structures bolted or welded
- Supply of line materials
- Installation, Stringing and Commissioning

LV/MV/HV EPC Substations

- Air insulated and gas insulated substations
   ♦ up to 550 kV.
- Mobile and Plug & Play Substations:
   ♦ 132/33 kV and 33/11 kV mobile substations built on heavy duty trailer with air suspension axles
    ♦ 33/11 kV plug & play substations including digital substation control systems"

- Substations & Switchyard
    ♦Transmission and distribution substations and switch yards for electric utility and industrial installations from 2.3 kV to 765 kV.
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Transformer & Reactor

- Power Transformer

  Range up to 1,000 MVA; 1,200 kV class
- Rectifier Transformer - Range up to 160 KA DC
- Distribution Transformer - Range 15 to 2,500 kVA
- Furnace Transformer - Range up to 25,000 kVA
- Cast Resin (Dry Type) Transformer

  Range 160 to 10,000 kVA
- Containerised Secondary Substations(CSS)

  Range up to 1,600 kVA
- Reactors - Range upto 765 kV
Instrument Transformers
- Oil filled current transformers (up to 420 kV)
- Capacitive voltage transformers (up to 420 kV)
- Oil filled inductive voltage transformers (up to 420 kV)

Epoxy Resin Transformers
- Indoor type epoxy resin current and voltage transformers up to 36 kV,
- Outdoor type epoxy resin current and voltage transformers up to 36 kV













LV/MV/HV Panels

Medium Voltage Switchgear panels

  - of voltage range 3.3kV to 33kV


Types of LV panels:

  - Power & Motor Control Centers
  - Distribution Boards
  - Lightning Arrestor Voltage Transformer Panels
  - Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  - Generator AMF & Synchronizing
  - PLC , Automation Systems & Intelligent Drive Panels
  - Feeder Pillars & Weather Proof Kiosks
  - Bus Duct Systems




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 After-Sale Service Support

Jos. Hansen's success factor is not just our knowledge, our long lasting experience or the ability to tailor product solutions, but our local presence which allows us to respond to local requirements in a proper manner.

Our After-Sales-Services includes long term provision of spare parts, operation and maintenance of energy plants and capacity building which goes along with the improvement of staff skills.