About us


Jos Hansen was founded in 1919 as a trading company in Hamburg, Germany. At the beginning of 1950s, Jos Hansen started to concentrate more on export of sophisticated machine tools, water pumps, pharmaceutical products, laboratory equipment which resulted in an extensive network of local companies and the need to solve arising needs.

We are specialists in full-service solutions in water, infrastructure, healthcare in Africa. We deliver sustainable business growth while taking care of the environment and safeguard social well-being. With an extensive network of trusted brands and partners worldwide, we provide smart solutions for Life. We remain committed to impact the communities in which we live and work, we focus our solutions on innovation and continuous improvement.



Jos. Hansen Hamburg Head Office      Jos. Hansen East Africa, Nairobi     Jos. Hansen Ethiopia, Addis Abeba



To Provide innovative solutions and technology through mutual partnerships for efficiency.


To become the most reliable and strategic solution provider in Africa through innovative and sustainable technology.

Our Core Principles

  • Quality and Service
  • Customer Centricity : We consistently listen to our customers to enhance and improve their experience.
  • Innovation
  • Diversity. We promote acceptance, respect and teamwork from people with different backgrounds, skills and experiences.

    Technical & Electronical Equipment and Water Engineering

    Jos. Hansen’s delivery programme concentrates on areas, which are particularly important for the development of economic and social infrastructure such as water, energy, agriculture, industry, geodesy, research, education and health. The range of goods being imported to African countries by Jos. Hansen are machine tools, specialized vehicles, water pumps, energy technology, geodetic and surveying instruments, laboratory and clinical equipment and equipment for educational institutions.

    The need for potable water in Africa inspired Jos. Hansen to develop engineering expertise and to work as a main contractor to carry out water supply and sewage projects for capital cities.

    Energy supply is as important as water supply, two pillars and essential preconditions for the development of the countries. Jos. Hansen's second expertise is power plant engineering.

    Jos. Hansen and its wholly owned civil construction company JR International Bau GmbH have completed numerous capital water and infrastructure projects as Main- and General Contractors. Both companies are looking back to an almost 100 years expertise in Africa.


    Jos. Hansen Group in Africa

    Jos. Hansen, with its dedicated and well-qualified staff, provides its clients with a professional service that covers almost every need. An extensive network of local companies in Africa intensifies acquisition and guarantees a reliable and fast supply of all products to our clients and customers satisfaction.

    Our market in the East African Region covers Kenya and Ethiopia as our business platforms as well as Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and Malawi. In West Africa Jos. Hansen is active in Ghana and Nigeria.