Agro-Processing Equipment:

Jos. Hansen is also partnered with ALVAN BLANCH, a British manufacturing and project engineering company, specialized in agro processing solutions, including:

   ·­ grain drying & ventilation

­   · multi purpose driers

­   · grain handling and storage

­   · grain and seed cleaning and milling

­   · grain and pulse processing

­   · vegetable oil & bio diesel production

­   · fruit and rice processing,

­   · specialized processing - primary and secondary processes of a range of crops

­   · processing of cassava and other roots, nuts, herbs & spices, sugar, honey and salt




Working closely together with leading European agriculture manufacturers, Jos. Adrian GMBH offers consultancy services and professional execution of turn key contracts, both internationally-funded or from private investors.

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Feed Mills:  

design and production of feed milling plants for animal feeding with the following features:

­    -  capacity 5 tons/hour to 80 tons/hour

­    -  with or without grain storage

­    -  all kind of grains i.e. soy, corn, wheat, barley, with trance elements, flavor enhancers, additives, molasses, oils and amino acids

­   -   extension of a plant in phases is possible for gradually future extension of the capacities