Food Processing Pilot Plants

Pilot Plants are small scale production units for the students at the university, the researcher in an institute as well as the product developer in the food industry. It allows the user to process food in economic quantities and produce the end products either for education, research or to test new recipes before introduction to the market.  ---   Jos. Hansen cooperates with leading manufacturers.


We offer Pilot Plants for Education, Research and small-scale Processing / Product Development.


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Peeling, Extracting, Pressing, Cutting, Cooking, Flavoring, Filtering, Pasteurizing, Filling and Packing of

    -  Fruit Products

    -  Vegetable Products

    -  Potato Products

    -  Meat Products

    -  Dairy Products


Also available as Laboratory sized equipment for education and product development

   Cheese Vat and Cheese Making Equipment

­   Contact Plate Freezer

­   Ribbon and Cone Blender

­   Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit

­   Vacuum Freeze Dryer

­   Spray Dryer


Other product processing lines and special requirements from customers incl. tailor made solutions are available on demand.  


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