Food Processing Technology

A growing middle class buys increasingly in supermarkets and wants to have innovative products packed as per latest food safety standards. Food products "Made in Africa" strengthens the economy by generating new jobs and gives the investor an increasing field of business opportunities.

Jos. Hansen offers in cooperation with leading manufacturers a wide range of quality machinery.

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  • Meat Processing Equipment and complete Lines

­      Feed Slicer for cutting meat and meat end products

­      Bone and Bad Saw for cutting meat (frozen), bone, poultry, etc.

­      Bowl Cutters and Sausage Filler

­      Meat Mincer for homogenous mincemeat

­      Vacuum Tumbler for tender meat and marinating

­      Smoke- and Cooking Houses for drying, smoking, cooking

  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing

­      Fresh / dried / preserved / concentrated / boiled / pasteurized /shock-freezed - basically all type of Vegetables and Fruits

­      Technology for Spices and dehydrated Vegetables

­      Tomato Processing for Paste Production and Tomato Juice

­      Citrus Fruit Processing, Filling and Packaging

­      Apple and Grape Processing, Filling and Packaging

­      Mobile Fruit Juice Processing Plants

  • Basic Food Processing

­      Grain Handling, e.g. Drying, Cleaning, Storage Systems, etc.

­      Rice Processing, e.g. Milling, Sorting, Polishing, etc.

­      Potato processing: 

            --  Frozen French Fries Production

            --  Potato Chips (Crisps) Production

  • Dairy and Milk Processing Technology

­      Production, Filling, Packing and Labeling of Milk (pasteurized, homogenized), Butter, Yoghurt, Curd Cheese, Hard-, Soft- and Cream Cheese

  • Beverage Technology

­      Soft Drinks-, Milk-, Juices-, Water-, Wine-, Spirits Production Lines and Machinery for filling Liquids into Bottles, Tins, Tetra packs, plastic containers, etc.

  • Very important Food Safety and Hygiene Equipment

­     Analysis, Laboratory and Measuring Equipment //­   Hygiene and Control Technology


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