Industrial Poultry Slaughtering & Processing Lines

The African market for Poultry grows continuously. Poultry provides a tasty, healthy and affordable source of protein, both for sales at the local market as well as for export to the Middle East.


 Our business partner for Poultry Processing is Marel-Stork Poultry. Marel-Stork Poultry is the global supplier of poultry processing equipment for all kinds of broiler processing plants, with manual, semi or fully inline integrated solutions. The product range includes all processes from live bird supply to packing and labeling. With a strong focus on innovative technologies and service, we provide solutions for each process stage and every capacity level, from 500 to 13,500 bph (broilers per hour).


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 We offer complete plants from live bird reception up to distribution of the final products, custom-made solutions on basis of your and your markets individual requirements, including:

      -  Life bird handling
      -  Stunning
      -  Killing
      -  Scalding
      -  De-feathering
      -  Giblets
      -  Evisceration, with giblet and feet processing
      -  Chilling and maturation
      -  Weighing, grading, cutting, deboning
      -  Portioning, slicing, marinating, tumbling
      -  Packaging & cooling/ freezing