Treatment Solutions for Slaughter By-Products / Waste Treatment

We supply integrated systems and equipment for the processing of slaughter by-products for the protein recovery (rendering) industry, for any capacity required. Our systems recycle slaughter by-products by the separation of liquids (water, oil, fat, tallow) from solids. Our lines are of highest quality and solid construction, ensuring a long-life and trouble free operation.

 The products can be used as raw material for the poultry or pet food industry. Oils and fats can be sold to the pharmaceutical, chemical or oil industry. The market demand for these raw materials is high and profitable.                                   slaughter_by-products.png

Rendering Plants:

Elimination of animal wastes must be carried out in a manner wich has the minimum possible repercussion on the environment. However, to use the by-products in other processes they have to be treated first. Our complete rendering lines transfer the by-products into meat and bone meal, blood meal and fats and oils. Ensuring total, risk-free elimination of this material is vitally important to conclude the meal production cycle correctly.

 Raw material reception with hoppers and conveyors

  • Crusher
  • Batch cookers
  • Blood coagulation
  • Fat filtering and pressing
  • Milling and blood meal production
  • Digestors
  • Deodorization


 slaughter_by-products1.png slaughter_by-products2.png  slaughter_by-products3.png


Bio-Energy plants:

Complete plants for production of bio-energy, i.e. biogas from animal manure or organic by-products i.e. vegetables, fruits, grass, rice shells, slaughter waste



Waste Water Treatment plants:

Our abattoir solutions contain complete proposals for integrated waste water treatment systems to enable a production in accordance to stringent environmental and sustainability requirements, as well as in accordance to International standards for exporting the goods.