Pumps, Valves and Pipes




The Pumps, Valves and Pipes Department is focused on the sale of fluid transport equipment for many applications. The extensive product range includes products for:

  • water extraction
  • water/wastewater treatment
  • water/wastewater transport
  • pumps for industrial applications



Jos. Hansen services applications in many industries all over Africa. The experienced personnel, located in many entities and African countries, give professional advice to clients, customers and prospects on the whole continent. Among them are well known and respected companies and organisations from:

  • Mining
  • Water utilities
  • National and local government
  • Industrial and civil engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Food, beverage and brewing
  • Agriculture & horticulture
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pulp and paper



The nature of business makes it necessary to supply an extensive array of products. Among other things, the main product range includes:



  • pumps with a capacity up to 65,000 m³/h
  • Gate valves, globe valves, automated valves,
    2-way ball valves, butterfly valves, multiport valves
    or plug valves in sizes up to DN 2,500 and pressures up to PN 64
  • Fittings, such as reducers, t-pieces, wyes, bends or flanges in diameters up to DN 2,500
  • pipe systems of different materials such as GRP, PVC, mPVC, HDPE or ductile iron in nominal diameters up to 4,000 mm
  • High tension systems up to 20 kV
  • Low voltage plants up to 6000 Amp
  • Switchboards and complete systems, from design to delivery
  • Different types of indoor and outdoor diesel generating sets with power ratings from 25 kVA up to 2,000 kVA

To supply the best products, information, training and service, the Pumps, Valves and Pipes Department works together very closely with world renowned companies, such as KSB, a well known manufacturer of a wide range of pumps for all kind of applications.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, many of the affiliated companies in Africa have workshop facilities and keep stocks of the most common pump types.



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