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Our Board of Directors and Executive leadership have built a culture of success that fuels our transformation and supports our growth worldwide. Our executives bring their knowledge, experience, and leadership to bear on the development and delivery of solutions to meet the needs of all our stakeholders.

Learn more about the people who lead our efforts toward sustainability and innovation.


At Jos Hansen, we are continually shaping the future with a lot of courage and with a lot of motion. The world is evolving and there is a great need for solutions in critical areas of health, water and engineering. With our tailor-made solutions, we are strengthening our position to meet the needs of our customers and our partners across the African continent. Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of our business. Our efforts are driven by Partnerships that work harmoniously.

As a company, we must ensure that our growth creates value not just for us, but also for society and the environment in which we operate. Our commitment at Jos Hansen is to be Your Solutions partner of choice.

There is no alternative to sustainable action. Our Corporate Strategy is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals and have the opportunity to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem as we make a difference.


Our People

Our people remain our most valuable assets. They are our competitive edge in a highly dynamic and competitive business environment. We have invested in learning opportunities both within and out of the organization to ensure our people always have the cutting-edge skills to excel in what they do.

Our staff is multicultural, multilingual, and diverse in outlook, reflecting the richness and diversity of the 10 countries we operate in. Our people strategy is hinged on always seeking to employ the best people, and creating a conducive environment for them to excel in their work.

Governance Structure

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